With the change of location we have the added service of offering horse boarding. Now located in West Ventura with over 100 acres of trails to access, constant coastal breezes, picturesque ocean views on trail, and an overall calm atmosphere at this private facility. The facility is just getting started and everyday something new is being finished or started. We currently have a 60ft round pen and 100’x200’ arena with more additions everyday!

We are currently offering full boarding only. All horses are fed twice a day and all pens are cleaned at least twice a day (more often cleaned throughout the day). We currently offer alfalfa or orchard hay for feedings. Full board includes 2 flakes (minimum of 7lbs each) a day, 1 fed in the morning, and one at night. 

Options currently available: 24'x24' mare motel stalls @$350 ea, 12'x24' mare motel stalls @$325 ea, ~24x48 Electric Polytape pen 1 horse @$500, 2 horses @$650 total

Additional services to boarders: blanketing horses @$30/month or $2/instance, daily turnouts @$40/ month for 3xweek, $60 for 5xweek, or $5/day, bathing services @$30/bath (shampoo/conditioner/detangler included), medicating mixed in feed @$2/ dose or $30/month; injectables @$5/injection, Handling fee for vet or farrier @$25/visit/horse

If you are interested in boarding your horse, please contact us! We do call, text or email! 805-330-1466