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There are two types of lessons we offer: Western horsemanship and trail riding. If you don’t know how to ride, want to learn a new discipline, or just want to relax and have fun, this is the place for you!

Our lessons will always start with hands on grooming, assisted tacking as necessary, riding, assisted untacking as necessary, and finish with grooming. We express an emphasis in horse behavior, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. Be prepared because you will get dirty! We want you to leave a lesson more confident than when you came in and able to use your new knowledge in any horsey endeavor. All riders are required to wear closed toed shoes (riding boots encouraged! Ask about our loaners!) and helmets (under the age of 18 required and we have loaners of all sizes).

Lessons are until we finish our goal, usually being one hour sessions. (Attention spans will play a factor and vary by child.)

Ages 12 and up – $65  $50

Ages 9-11 – $55  $40

Ages 7-8 – $45  $35

Age 6 – $40  $30

Call or text us to answer any questions you may have!

All lessons are by appointment only. So call, or text, and schedule your lesson today!


Due to varies skill levels of riders and differing temperaments of our animals, we do our best to match you up with the perfect mount for you!

1128 Meyer Rd. Ojai, CA 93023