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Infinite Horsemanship is not to be confused with Infinity Horsemanship located in Deer Trail, Colorado.

At Infinite Horsemanship, we stand out by offering horseback riding lessons with a unique touch – we mainly work with rehabilitated rescue horses and ponies. Our special emphasis is on fostering a deep connection with the horses, starting from groundwork to the subtle communication expressed through their wiggling ears. If you’re a compassionate student eager to build a meaningful bond with a horse, our program is designed just for you.

Many of our horses have faced unimaginable hardships, having been rescued from situations of starvation, abuse, and neglect. We firmly believe that no living creature should endure such conditions. At Infinite Horsemanship, we actively seek out these horses, acquire them from their distressing environments, and embark on a journey of rehabilitation. Throughout this process, we provide specialized care, including chiropractic and massage treatments, along with health supplements. Our commitment extends beyond physical healing – we shower these horses with love, and in turn, witness a reciprocal bond of affection and trust as our rehabilitated horses learn to love us in return.

This creates an exceptionally strong, loving, and trusting bond with our horses. They express this love to every rider they encounter, going out of their way to ensure the rider’s safety and comfort. Nothing brings our horses greater joy than having riders who are happy and at ease.

This is the essence of what sets Infinite Horsemanship apart. We go beyond merely providing horseback riding experiences – we rescue horses and forge a safe, loving connection with each one. Our mission is to showcase the beauty and strength that can emerge from a rescued horse. Visit our “Meet the Horses” page to discover some heartwarming stories of our remarkable rescues.

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