Infinite Horsemanship is proud to announce: We have relocated to our own facility! With the change of location we have the added service of offering horse boarding. Now located in West Ventura with over 100 acres of trails to access, constant coastal breezes, picturesque ocean views on trail, and an overall calm atmosphere. The facility is just getting started and everyday something new is being finished or started. We currently have a 60ft round pen and 100’x200’ arena, allowing us to continue teaching lessons by appointment. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Infinite Horsemanship is not to be confused with Infinity Horsemanship located in Deer Trail, Colorado. If you were looking for Infinity Horsemanship, here’s their web address http://www.infinityhorsemanship.com/

What sets Infinite Horsemanship apart from our competition is our primary use of rescue horses for our horseback riding, trails, and lessons.

Most of our horses have been rescued out of terrible situations: being starved, being beaten, and not receiving needed medical treatment.  No living creature should ever be put in this situation.  We find these horses, rescue them from their horrible living conditions, and rehabilitate them. During their rehabilitation, we give the horses special care (chiropractic and massage treatment, health supplements) and show them that we love them; our horses love us in return.

This forms an exceptionally strong, loving, trusting bond with our horses.  Our horses express this love to any rider they have, doing what they can to keep the rider safe and comfortable.  There is nothing that makes our horses happier than to have happy riders.

This is what makes Infinite Horsemanship different.  We rescue horses and create a safe, loving connection with them. We want our riders to see how beautiful and strong a rescued horse can be.  See our Meet the Horses page to hear some of our wonderful rescue stories!