Our Horses


Height: 14.3hh
Age: 07/04/2003
Breed: Paint
Color: Chestnut Tobiano*

Cody is our Golden boy, our all-round does-just-about-everything horse. From our tiny little kids riding for the first time to advanced riders, this boy will meet the student where they are at in their skill level. Cody clearly tries to keep each rider safe and allows for mistakes. If a small rider unknowingly asks this guy to run, he looks at the instructor and waits for a que. This sweet boy is so patient and gentle. He goes both Western and English and even Dressage and jumping.

*Tobiano = white goes over the spine


Height: 18hh
Age: 05/09/2010
Breed: Belgian Spotted Draft
Color: Chestnut Tobiano

Odin is good with advanced beginners that are strong and consistent. He’s a big beefy pretty boy who loves to get out and have some fun. He loves doing dressage and being pampered. He’s a bit of a naughty prankster, and is a horse that keeps you on your toes. If you give Odin a job, he will be happy to do it.


Height: 11.3hh
Age: 1999
Breed: Grade Pony (Grade means mutt for horses)
Color: Black (with some old man gray hairs)

Baloo is a retired pony sweep pony (the merry-go-rounds you see at the fair) that was ready for a career change. Baloo is the sweetest pony, loves working with the little kids, and has so much patience. He loves watching the kids when they groom him, and enjoys his job teaching little ones how to balance and steer. He is slow and quiet and the perfect little pony for fearful little ones. Baloo and Meeko are best friends, and get regular play dates where they speed around the arena together.


Height: 11.3hh
Age: 2001
Breed: Grade Pony
Color: Bay Tobiano

Meeko is a retired pony sweep pony that worked with Baloo. They were both here for a career change. Meeko has learned a lot about independent riding, and has a need for speed! He’s mainly used for our more advanced kids, but does know to slow down when we use him for a less experienced rider. He’s been learning a lot of new sports with us and so far has been loving everything we put his way. He’s been enjoying learning the gymkhana games such as barrels and pole bending, trail, and even cattle work.


Height: 15hh
Age: 03/24/2006
Breed: Quarterhorse
Color: Bay

Iris is freshly back to work after a year of being rehabilitated!
…..for the second time.
Her previous owner contacted Infinite Horsemanship asking if she could donate Iris (then Penny) to our program, she was referred to us through a rescue we network with however we did not have the space at the time. She ended up at a therapeutic riding center for a few months and then we were contacted again that they had not been caring for Iris and was in poor condition. At that point we had the space and we brought her to our ranch. Iris had been starved, her teeth had not been cared for and were so sharp they were cutting the inside of her mouth. Her feet were in very poor condition and we found that she has other underlying health issues. She almost passed a couple of times but with a strict diet, supplements and a specialty farrier to care for her hooves she is now thriving. 
After Iris put on some weight we started building her muscle and as we got to know Iris it was clear that she LOVES barrel racing. 


Iris is freshly back to work after being rehabilitated!
…for the second time.
Her last owner contacted Tiffany asking if she could donate Iris (then Penny) to our program, as she was referred to us from a rescue we network with. Tiffany didn’t have the space for this amazing mare when they first asked, so she ended up at a therapeutic riding center for a few months. Tiffany was contacted again and told that the center didn’t care for Iris and she was in poor condition. At that point, we had the space so Tiffany brought her home. Iris was in severely poor condition. She had been starved, her teeth were sharp like razors, cutting the inside of her mouth constantly, and her feet were in very poor care. Iris has underlying health issues, and is on a very strict diet to keep her sugars under control. Her feet require constant upkeep, and specialty farriers to keep them balanced. She has almost passed a couple of times from her health issues, but we finally got her stable. After Iris finally had some weight on her and some energy we started slowly working and building muscle. As we got to know Iris it was clear she LOVES barrel racing. She was coming along nicely until April 2023 when she suffered a bad crack in her hoof that was almost fatal. Iris was actually scheduled to be put down, but Dessiree was not willing to give up on her and we called another farrier that believed the hoof could heal and that we could get Iris out of pain. All seemed well until four months in and the hood re-cracked. It takes a hoof one year to grow out completely. Iris was hand walked daily to keep some strength and keep her joints moving, had supplements and comfrey oil on her hoof and in March 2024 she finally got the all clear from her amazing farrier to start back to work! As Iris gets her strength back and her foot gets a little bit stronger we will reintroduce her to the barrels that she loves.


Height: 15.2hh
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Color: Bay

Tucker belongs to a good friend who lets us borrow him during summer for summer camps. He is such a love! He’s like a big dog. He loves cuddles an grooming and especially loves little kids. Tucker is a Tennessee Walker so he as an extra gate called a “flat walk” that is really fun for the kids to experience. 



Sometimes after we rehabilitate a horse or get a new horse and try introducing them into our program, they just don’t love the job. And that’s fine! We want all of our horses to enjoy what they do and love life so if they don’t love teaching lessons we find them a home where they will be happy.


Sage is such a sweet and pretty girl. We really loved her and while she loved the job in the beginning we started seeing that she just wasn’t happy with it anymore. So Sage now has new owners although for the time-being she is still at our ranch getting to know her new family.


This is one of the sweetest most loving boys we’ve ever met. But we quickly realized that he needed more bodywork than we could provide, needed more time to settle in and really just seemed he would do better with one family. He gets pretty high anxiety and we believed having him with one family rather than several students would give him the security he needs. So he is now owned by one of our students and her family and he is also currently at our ranch still.

Over The Rainbow Bridge

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