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Current Working Herd
CodyHeight: 14.3hh
Age: 07/04/2003
Breed: Paint
Color: Chestnut Tobiano*
Cody started to learn to be a barrel horse, but wasn’t fast enough for the task. He was bought by a family who loved him immensely, but due to schooling no longer had the time for him. He is great on trail, the arena, and has done beach rides in the past. He’s the perfect beginners horse, that also has a performance side. He’s used for everything from first-time rides, through advanced riders. He prefers Dressage over western, but does do both. 
*Tobiano = white goes over the spine
OdinHeight: 18hh
Age: 05/09/2010
Breed: Belgian Spotted Draft
Color: Chestnut Tobiano
Odin is used for lessons in the arena. He’s good with advanced beginners that are strong and consistent. He’s a big beefy pretty boy who loves to get out and have some fun. He loves doing dressage and being pampered. He’s a bit of a naughty prankster, and is a horse that keeps you on your toes.
SageHeight: 14.2hh
Age: 05/08/2006
Breed: Quarter horse
Color: Chestnut
Sage used to be a show horse in her younger years. She retired from show life to be a slow and steady trail horse. After having 2 older owners retire from riding, she was retired to pasture with other horses. She sat in her retirement for a couple years before Tiffany heard about her through our farrier. Sage is still very young to be retired, and has some advanced arthritis from her show years. We’ve got her on an aggressive arthritis treatment, and hope to have her for many years to come! She’s great for beginners, and absolutely the biggest cuddle bug.
BalooHeight: 11.3hh
Age: 1999
Breed: Grade Pony (Grade means mutt for horses)
Color: Black (with some old man gray hairs)
Baloo is a retired pony sweep pony (the merry-go-rounds you see at the fair) that was ready for a career change. Baloo loves working with the little kids, and has so much patience. He loves watching the kids when they groom him, and enjoys his job teaching little ones how to balance and steer. He and Meeko are best friends, and do get regular play dates.
MeekoHeight: 11.3hh
Age: 2001
Breed: Grade Pony
Color: Bay Tobiano
Meeko is a retired pony sweep pony that worked with Baloo. They’re both here for a career change. Meeko has learned a lot about independent riding, and has a need for speed! He’s mainly used for our more advanced kids, but does know to slow down when we use him for a less experienced rider. He’s been learning a lot of new sports with us, and so far has been loving everything we put his way. He’s been enjoying learning the gymkhana games, trail, and cattle work.
IrisHeight: 15hh
Age: 03/24/2006
Breed: Quarterhorse
Color: Bay
Her last owner contacted Tiffany asking if she could donate Iris (then Penny) to our program, as she was referred to us from a rescue we network with. Tiffany didn’t have the space for this amazing mare when they first asked, so she ended up at a therapeutic riding center for a few months. Tiffany was contacted again and told that the center didn’t care for Iris and she was in poor condition. At that point, we had the space so Tiffany brought her home. Iris was in severely poor condition. She had been starved, her teeth were sharp like razors, cutting the inside of her mouth constantly, and her feet were in very poor care. Iris has underlying health issues, and is on a very strict diet to keep her sugars under control. Her feet require constant upkeep, and specialty farriers to keep them balanced. She has almost passed a couple of times from her health issues, but we finally have her stable. In a couple months she’ll be back to work. 
The 6 months that she was able to work, in between health crises, she was doing beginners through advanced riders. She’s a western only horse, absolutely LOVES working with little kids, and doing the gymkhana games. She has potential to be a very competitive horse for gymkhana after her rehab.
Retired and Re-homed
ThorHeight: 16.2hh
Age: 2008
Breed: Paint
Color: Bay Medicine Hat Paint
Thor is a guide only horse. He’ll be the main lead horse until Odin is ready to rejoin the trails (when he stops growing so much!). Thor enjoys his job greatly and takes it very seriously. He was rescued from Northern California, starved, beaten, and neglected. He had a severe infection that needed 3 months of aggressive treatment to overcome. Despite all the odds, he has turned into one of our most dependable horses. He shows us how much he appreciates what we’ve done everyday he’s under saddle. However, due to his love to be a lead horse, he’ll never be a client horse.
Over the Rainbow Bridge
FlashHeight: 15.3hh
Age: 1998
Breed: Unregistered Paint
Color: Pinto Chestnut Tobiano
Flash was rescued in 2010 with a broken knee (carpals) and could barely walk. Through aggressive treatment she has regained the ability to walk, jog, trot, canter/lope, and gallop. She still has a hard time turning left quickly, but is getting better everyday. She is the perfect beginner horse and trail horse, loves kids, and loves to joust!
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