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At Infinite Horsemanship, we go beyond merely providing a horseback riding experience; our instructors carefully choose a horse that best suits the student to encourage a connection and bond while building confidence and skill.
Our students learn how to safely: catch, halter, groom, care for, tack up, and ride in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We meet our students where they are at in their skill and experience level and work towards meeting their riding goals.
We love watching our students bond with our horses and build friendships with each other during our Summer Camps. 
Skills learned with horses transfer to so many aspects of life. It instills responsibility, patience, focus, assertiveness, boldness, gentleness, teamwork, following direction, attention to detail, balance, full body strength, flexibility, problem solving, confidence, and so much more. 
We offer both Western and English lessons as well as Gymkhana and Dressage sports. 

We mainly work with rehabilitated rescue horses and ponies. Many of our horses have faced unimaginable hardships, having been rescued from situations of starvation, abuse, and neglect. We firmly believe that no living creature should endure such conditions. We provide specialized care, including: vet care, hoof care, health supplements, chiropractic and massage treatments, specialized to the horse and their specific needs. Our commitment extends beyond physical healing. In addition to providing love and compassion to these horses, we pay attention to the horse, getting to know their unique personality and finding what they enjoy so that we can give them a new life that they love.

Upcoming Events
Gymkhana Show

We will be holding an open gymkhana show at Soule Park on May 25th. The purpose of this show is to give the opportunity for our students and others to be part of a show-like experience in a low-key, relaxed and fun setting. For more information and a sign up for please click here

Tack Sale and BBQ TBD

This is a fun time for us all to come together to hang out with one another, enjoy some food and brows tack items and horsey things.

First Time Horse Owners Class

This is a class for anyone that is considering owning their own horse but are a little nervous to make that step. In this class we teach you everything you need to know from buying to owning, health and supplements, cost etc.
If you would like more information please sign up here and you will be added to the waiting list for this class and notified of the next class available.

Tiffany has done an amazing job when she created Infinite Horsemanship! You can tell and feel her passion for/and about horse! I have an 9 year old daughter who’s soul is horses and has been bagging me for lessons for years. I searched high and low for a place that had amazing teachers in all areas for riding but also the Educational side of everything someone who is around horses should know! Tiffany and Dessiree who is the other trainer/teacher are amazing at what they do!! They will both tell you how it is but also make you feel like family! We love all their horses and we absolutely love Dessiree & Tiffany! Hands down one the best place every!! So grateful we found you guys!

-Monique & Emma Rose

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Looking for a trail ride? Contact Equine Xscape at 805-236-6566. Tell Christy that Tiffany sent you!