This year, Infinite Horsemanship will host Summer Horse Day Camps for kids 8 and up who want to learn more about horse riding, training, and ownership. We have a number of fun and educational activities planned for our attendees, including:

  • Caring for a horse on a day-to-day basis through healthy feeding and good exercise
  • Preparing a horse for riding, from brushing coats and cleaning hooves to putting on a saddle and bridle
  • Teaching basic principles of horse training – how to “talk” to a horse, how to gain their respect, and what signals to use when training them
  • Learning about different horse breeds, colors, and overall horse anatomy
  • And, of course, learning how to ride a horse!

In addition, we’ll have other games and activities for kids to participate in, including puzzles, trivia contests, and horse painting!
Some other information:

Our summer camp will run for only 4 weeks this year, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 1:00 pm

Prices for summer camp are $700* per week, with a maximum of 6 kids per week. This ensures everyone gets riding time every day.

Students should bring boots or close-toed shoes, sturdy pants, water, and sunscreen. We will have an ice chest for items to be kept cool.

We’ll be having camp at 791 Boardman Rd. Ojai

*Prepay prices must be paid in full before anticipated participation through Prices increases by $100 on the first day of camp. Cash or check accepted and appreciated the first day of camp (unavailable for prepaying price).