Unleash the True Potential of Your Equine Partner! 

 Discover the Art of Horse Training with Our Expert Team! 

Are you seeking a deeper connection with your beloved horse? Do you dream of reaching new heights in equestrian sports or simply want to build a strong bond with your equine companion? 

Look no further! Our dedicated trainers are here to make your equestrian aspirations a reality.

What Sets Us Apart? 

🔹 Expert Trainers: Our dedicated team of experienced horse trainers is passionate about fostering harmonious relationships between horse and rider. With years of expertise in various equestrian disciplines, they’ll tailor a training program to meet your unique goals and your horse’s individual needs.

🔹 Positive Reinforcement: We believe in training methods that emphasize trust and respect. Our trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques, creating a safe and encouraging environment for your horse to learn and grow.

🔹 Spacious Facilities: Our lovely, fully-equipped facilities provide a calm setting for comprehensive horse training. From a quiet arena to scenic trails, your horse will be in a comfortable and stimulating environment.

🔹 Customized Training Plans: We understand that every horse is different, and every rider has specific objectives. Our trainers will work closely with you to design a personalized training plan that caters to your horse’s strengths and addresses any challenges.

🔹 Holistic Approach: Our approach extends beyond the riding arena. We prioritize the overall well-being of your horse, including nutrition, health, and mental fitness, ensuring your equine partner is always at their best.

 Our Training Programs 

🔸 Foundation Training: Establish a solid groundwork for your horse, covering essential skills like haltering, leading, and manners. Lay the foundation for future training success.

🔸 Tune-ups: Whether your horse is green, or just needs a leg up, giving your horse the tools it needs to succeed is our priority. 

🔸 Specialized Disciplines: From dressage and gymkhana to trail riding and western horsemanship, we offer specialized training programs tailored to your chosen discipline.

🔸 Problem Solving: Encounter challenges with your horse’s behavior? Our trainers excel at identifying and addressing behavioral issues, fostering a more enjoyable experience for both you and your horse.


Take the first step towards an unforgettable equestrian journey. Join our horse training family today, and watch your horse flourish under our expert guidance. Limited slots available, so contact us now to reserve your spot!

📞 Phone call or text: (805) 330-1466

📧 Email: 8horsemanship@gmail.com 

📍 Location: 791 Boardman Rd. Ojai CA